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Hany Mostafa is the artist of this replicaa, he is 41 year old and is from Cairo. After visiting more than 24 countries and international exhibitions with his sculptural works made in fiberglass. In 2006 at an international fair in the south of Italy. Seeing the colossal works for which thousands of people queued to enter he decided to do something never seen and never done before.


Back in his native Egypt, he visited the main temples

looking for inspiration. He chose to recreate the Temple

of Ramses in Abu Simbel for its importance for the

Egyptian history and tourism. Inside the temple 

is the depiction of the Battle of Qadesh,waged

against the Hittites around the

1600 a.C. The recreation of this part was not only

complex but extensive since it cannot be 

photographed. That's why Hany Mostafa visited the

temple on more than 100 occasions and draw each part

(with government permission).


Without any help from any outside government or entity, he worked for 5 years in this recreation, even selling his only remaining possession, his car, in order to pay for the transportation expenses of the colossal museum. In 2011, he finished his colossal sculpture of more than 6m in height and 23 of depth and in 2012 he traveled to Portugal looking where to exhibit. At first he found all the doors closed, but after he was able to get a small stand at an international exhibition in the north of the country where everyone starting talking about his work.


The museum also includes the recreation of the facade of the temple of Nefertari, for which it took 12 months. The facade was only produced since the real temple includes interior stars which would have been not safe to construct n the museum.


Hany's next dream is much bigger, as he seeks an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters in which to install a recreation of a whole pharaonic city on an approximate scale to this museum (1/3) to transport visitors to the world of Ancient Egypt.



Hany Mostafa





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